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Branding is important to business because it builds relationships with viewers and creates lasting impressions that can turn them into loyal customers over time.

Branding is a term that's becoming clearer over the years as an essential component to the lifeblood of any business.
Why? Because branding is the way of identifying who you are as a company. 

Customers are becoming smarter in recognizing companies by their brand. They trust and identify the brands that represent their lifestyle and beliefs and support them by their loyalty.

Branding is not just your logo. You brand influences everything from your business card and advertising to your online presence (website and social media) and where you conduct business. It's important to have a cohesive brand because it's here where customers experience your professionalism and character.

Take a look at how I branded some of my favorite customers. I call them "favorites" because these companies have embraced and propagated their brand in everything they do - with results! See my Reviews

Yarrowhead Farms, Wellston, OK

Logo Design, Website Design, Mobile Design, Package Labels, Vehicle Wrap Design

Yarrowhead Farms Logo
"Gane created the perfect brand, website, and creative direction to set Yarrowhead Farms apart from the competition."
- Mike & Amanda Wilson,
owners of Yarrowhead Farms
Yarrowhead Farms Web Mockup
Yarrowhead Farms Mobile Site
Yarrowhead Farms Package Label
Yarrowhead Farms Van Wrap
Yarrowhead Farms Stationery

Lana Wienstroer, Realtor

Logo Design, Website Design, Mobile Design, Business/Note Card, Brochure Design,

Social Media Posts

LW Realty Logo
LW Realty Web Design
LW Realty Mobile Site
LW Realty Note Card
LW Realty Business Card
LW Realty Group yard sign
LW Realty Group sign-a-cade
LW Realty Brochure
LW Realty Facebook Post 2
LW Realty Facebook Post 1

Lustre Salon, OKC, OK

Logo Design, Website Design, Mobile Design, Magazine Ads, Social Media Posts, Table Top Display

Lustre Logo 1
Lustre Logo 2
Lustre Web Mockup
Lustre Mobile Site
Lustre Magazine Ad 1
Lustre Magazine Ad 3
Lustre Magazine Ad 2
Lustre Facebook Post 3
Lustre Facebook Post 1
Lustre Facebook Post 2
Voluspa Flyer 2
Voluspa Flyer 1

ReadyAV, OKC, OK

Logo Design, Website Design, Mobile Design, Business Card, Social Media Posts

Ready AV Logo
Ready AV Logo 2
Ready AV Web Mockup
Ready AV Mobile Site
Ready AV Business Card
Ready AV Facebook Post 2
Ready AV Facebook Post 1
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