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Illustration is important to smart businesses because it not only informs viewers but influences your customers while reinforcing your brand.

Illustration is the art of telling stories visually, using characters or images that evoke feelings or prompting them to act and respond to what they're seeing.
My 30+ years of illustration background helps me create impactful brochures, posters, logos, and website graphics that prompt viewers to act. Drawing has always been my first love. See how years of drawing experience has helped in everything I've done personally and for my clients. See my

Clients include Heller Financial, Anderson Consulting, Sprint, Mountain West Conference, Oil & Gas Investor magazine, Westword Magazine, Wahoo, Inc. 

"Gane continually demonstrated his creative talent by approaching each project with a fresh eye and quickly turning around creative solutions within the unique parameters set by the project – always with fabulous results."


Barbara Davis-Akel,

Creative Services Manager,

Heller Financial

Heller Financial Illustration 2
Heller Financial Illustration 1
Heller Financial Illustration 3
Heller Financial Illustration 4
Sprint Car
MWC Mural
Kraft training icon
Kraft Foods icon
Anderson Consulting Icons
Motorola Icons
Santa Card
Bruce Illustration
Christmas Card
Rose Card
David Card
Thank You Card
Heller Infographic
Wahoo Board
Wahoo Closeup
Proposed Oklahoma State Wahoo Board
CSTAR Illustration 3
Bilkay Illustration
Brother Illustration
Oil & Gas Investor Illustration
CSTAR Illustration 2
CSTAR Illustration 1
Como Illustration
Richard Illustration
Westword Illustration 1
Bailey Illustration
Westword Illustration 2
P47 Illustration
Karen Illustration 1
Karen Illustration 2
Mark Illustration
Ouray illustration
P38 Illustration
Karen Illustration 3
Portrait 1
Goldblum Illustration
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